Why Develop Thetanuts?

We developed Thetanuts because we saw that structured products enable the creation of new option markets in this nascent ecosystem while delivering sustainable returns to users via option selling.
To learn more about why we think structured products are the future of Defi, please click here

Why launch multichain?

The future will be based on multichain interoperability. Thetanuts have made our project EVM compatible to enable each ecosystem to launch structured products on Thetanuts and to have the best user experience for our users.

Who is Thetanuts suitable for?

Thetanuts strategies allow users to earn a high risk-adjusted organic yield on their assets. Thetanuts takes a conservative approach when managing the risks involved in our various structured products.
Investors who hold a long position in their assets and desire to accumulate more of the same asset can choose the covered call strategy. For example, investors who are long ETH can sell ETH covered calls or invest in the ETH stronghold to accumulate more ETH.
Investors who want to accumulate more stablecoins can choose the put-selling strategy. For example, Investors who want more USDC can sell BTC put selling strategies where the premiums are paid in USDC or invest in the USDC stronghold which sells an index of various put sells.