💸Fee Parameters

Users can expect to see a number of fees on Thetanuts Finance, corresponding to the different modules on Thetanuts Finance v3. Protocol fees earned by Thetanuts Finance will be accrued to the Treasury, in which the Thetanuts Finance DAO will have governance rights over.

Note: These fee parameters are initial and may be subject to change by Thetanuts Finance or through governance in the future.

ModuleInitial Fee Parameters

Basic Vaults: Management Fee

2% p.a. (per annum, paid to the Protocol Treasury)

Basic Vaults: Queue Fee

Fixed $1 (per trade, paid to the Protocol Treasury)

Lending Market: Interest Paid (Arbitrum only)

$ARB & $ETH: 4% p.a. fixed $USDC: 8% p.a. fixed (per annum, paid from Borrowers to Lenders)

AMM: Trading Fees (Arbitrum only)

0.05% (per trade, with 50% paid to the Protocol Treasury and 50% paid to Liquidity Providers)

Add Liquidity Module: Withdrawals (Arbitrum only)

0.25% (per withdrawal, paid to the Protocol Treasury)

Add Liquidity Module: Rebalancing (Arbitrum only)

Fixed $1 (per rebalancing event, paid to the Protocol Treasury)

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