Thetanuts Finance

Degen Vaults

Current Weekly Yield and Current Projected APY%

The current weekly yield is extrapolated into the current projected APY% given that the degen vault is never excised which auto-compounds the user’s active position in order to achieve the high current projected APY%. This helps users compare the risk-reward profile when investing in degen vaults and other financial products.

New Position and Active Position

Once a new epoch have started, the user’s pending deposits would automatically enter the degen vault and become the user’s active position. Users can view their potential new position based on the maximum and minimum range shown in the user interface. If the user does not initiate a withdrawal, the new position would roll into the active position in the next epoch.

Where to find the sold and bought strike prices?

The sold and bought strike price is listed below the spot price of the underlying asset. “Sold Strike price $1,500 P - $1,700 C” in a flat iron condor indicates that the strike price of the sold put option is $1,500 while the strike price of the sold call option is $1,700.