Degen Vault FAQ

When can I deposit?

Users who deposit mid-epoch would have their deposited assets enter a deposit queue which is reflected in the "deposit pending" field. Once a new epoch has started, the user's deposited assets automatically enter the new epoch and start generating yield.
Users can cancel their "deposit pending" amounts during mid-epoch by canceling their deposits. This would instantly return the user's "deposits pending" amounts to the user's connected wallet.

When can I withdraw?

There are two phases to completing a withdrawal- Initiate Withdraw and Claiming Withdrawals

Initiate withdraw

A user can initiate withdrawals from the Thetanuts Degen vault(s) at any point in time except during the auction period when the option vault(s) are locked. After a user has initiated a withdrawal, it will show up as “pending”. Users can cancel their withdrawal at any point in time before the epoch has ended.
Once the user initiates a withdrawal, their underlying assets will join a withdrawal pool. The underlying assets in the withdrawal pool will not participate in the next epoch cycle but would still receive the options premiums (yield) from the current epoch that they are participating in. Note that users are exposed to both the upside and downside of the current epoch that they are participating in.

Claim withdrawals

Once the epoch have ended, users can claim their withdrawals from the withdrawal pool at any time by clicking on the claim button. The amount claimable after initiating a withdrawal request depends on whether the vault is ITM/OTM shown in the new position section.